Pharmaceutical Waste Solution

We guarantee to cut your annual bill by 20% or the first month is on us.

Responsibly managing your regulated waste and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations is critical to protecting your business, employees, community and environment. Rely on our experience here at USA Bio Care. Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we’re experts in creating solutions that fit your specific needs.

Increase Safety and Ensure Compliance with the Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Leader

Trusted Experts

Managing thousands of pounds of pharmaceutical waste annually for healthcare facilities throughout Michigan ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

Protecting the Community and Environment

Preventing pharmaceutical waste and controlled substances from entering the environment, waterways, and communities. 

Customized Solutions

Offering full-service, self-service and kiosk options to safely dispose of pharmaceutical waste.

See Which Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Solution is Right For You

Hazardous Drug Disposal Services CsRx® Controlled Substance Waste Disposal Service Drug Takeback Kiosks
Service Description A USA Bio Care driver picks up and safely disposes of hazardous pharmaceutical waste. Includes tools to ensure compliance with EPA, DOT and state and local requirements, such as a waste compliance checklist. USA Bio Care prevents diversion when disposing of controlled substance wastage via full- or self-service option for both large and small facilities. USA Bio Care’s collection kiosks are a safe, compliant, and convenient way for patients to dispose of unused medications. Unused medication is deposited into the kiosk and then destroyed. Available as a full- or self-service option for both large and small facilities.
Ideal For Small hospitals and non-acute care facilities

Any small generator of pharmaceutical waste
Large Hospitals & Healthcare Networks

Small hospitals and surgical facilities
Retail pharmacies

Hospitals and medical clinics with on-site pharmacies
Benefits Increased Safety:
Reduced risk associated with handling hazardous pharmaceuticals

Service Reliability:
Flexible on-call pickup for a flat monthly fee for easy budgeting
Increased Safety:
Containers have a one-way disposal path on for tablet, capsule, liquid and patches, and solution includes staff training on how to properly handle waste

Secure Storage:
Acts immediately to deactivate controlled substance wastage and securely contain for on-site storage
Reporting and analytics provide program success visibility

Simple for the public to access and use

Meets DEA, EPA, DOT and ADA recommendations and regulatory requirements
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  • Affordable Customized Solutions
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  • We guarantee to cut your annual bill by 20% or the first month is on us.
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