Blood Spill Clean Up

Blood Clean up

Dealing with a suicide cleanup, trauma cleanup, or blood spill means dealing with the possible spread of bacteria and viruses, some of which may be life-threatening. MRSA, hepatitis, C. diff, HIV and even the flu virus are all highly contagious diseases, and some of them stay in a dormant state on surfaces for years before becoming actively infectious again. Protecting you from them is our responsibility and we handle the situation Blood spill clean up services and Death/Trauma scene cleaning services.

Our experts know that even small traces of blood can present these risks, and that’s why we don’t stop until the entire scene is safe, even if that means the removal of sections of carpet, flooring, or other porous materials. Our attention to detail requires the safe removal of even microscopic organic materials to stop the spread of potentially dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other communicable diseases. We check and verify our work through the use of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) tests. That’s remediation!


USA Bio Care takes our responsibility to Decontaminate and Disinfect your home or business very seriously, and we communicate how and why we’re doing so throughout the entire process. That’s why we have been voted #1 as the suicide and trauma biohazard remediation company in the state of Michigan. Call us at 248-621-3232 we are ready to serve you 24/7 call or click here to request a quote today.  When you wonder, “What now?” — USA Bio Care is the answer.

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