How Is Biomedical Waste Disposed?

June 23, 2022

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Medical waste disposal is no joke. According to the World Health Organization, almost 3 million tons of medical waste is disposed of every year. That means 20 percent of waste in the world comes from medical waste. 

But how is medical waste different from regular waste? Is there a particular way to treat or dispose of this type of waste? Keep reading to find out more about how biomedical waste disposal companies dispose of medical trash. 

Methods for Medical Waste Disposal 

There are different methods to dispose of your medical waste. Still, a medical waste process is only accepted if it follows strict medical waste guidelines and regulations. There are over 255,00 regulations for medical waste disposal in Michigan. Going over all these regulations would be a waste of time. Instead, we’ll tell you about a couple of medical waste disposal processes that follow these regulations. 


An autoclave is a machine that is commonly used in medical waste disposal processes. An autoclave is a machine that provides a physical method of sterilization by killing bacteria and viruses in the material put inside of the vessel using steam under pressure. 

An autoclave sterilizes medical waste by heating them to a particular temperature for a specific time. This machine and process are considered one of the most effective sterilization methods, and that’s why it’s commonly used in healthcare medical facilities. 


Just as an autoclave, shredding ensures the penetration of steam. Shredding blades are so violent that they allow heat and moisture to penetrate the waste, eliminating cold spots efficiently. 

A crucial regulation and guideline for medical waste disposal are that you cannot recycle medical waste. With shredding, you’re making sure the waste becomes unrecyclable and prevents it from reused and spreading contamination. 

Another essential part of medical waste disposal is its transportation. An advantage of shredding is it can reduce your waste disposal volume, making it easier to transport and dispose of. 

Find a Medical Waste Company in Michigan

From all the biochemical medical waste companies in Michigan, USA Bio Care is the most experienced and reliable. At USA Bio Care, we have three different certifications, including OSHA, EPA, and HAZMAT. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing safety procedures to anyone in need of medical waste disposal services. Learn more now about our professional services. 


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