The spread of Coronavirus has been recorded to happen mostly due to physical contact. There’s a lower risk of getting infected if the virus lays on surfaces. However, the chances still exist, and the better measures we take, the fewer possibilities we have on getting infected. That’s why getting disinfection services is vital to ensure our safety, along with other practices that can help us reduce the chance of infection.

Let’s take a look at some actions you can take to ensure your safety against Coronavirus. Finally, learn why disinfection services help reduce the risk potentially.

Actions That Help Reduce COVID-19 Infection

With the high chance of getting infected by COVID-19, we have to be constantly vigilant of our actions, what we touch, prevent contact with our eyes, nose, and mouth. The reality is that we’re humans, and it’s hard to keep continuously aware since most of our actions are basically unconscious. However, there are things we can do to help reduce the chance of COVID-19 contamination.

Be Aware Of Your Hands 24/7

There’s nothing new to this preventive measure, but we tend to forget the need to wash our hands more than usual. Make sure to wash your hands:

-Before eating or preparing food

-Before touching your face

-After going to the bathroom

-Before removing your face mask

-Touching cash

-After leaving a public place

Prepare A Weekly Schedule

Planning your week can help to even out the occasions you have to go out of your home. Try to visit one place per day (only if necessary) to prevent extra exposure. It’s easier to follow your protective measures when you go to one place, run an errand, and go back home.

Hiring COVID-19 Disinfection Services

Hiring a COVID-19 disinfection service greatly reduces the chance of infection. We don’t know how many viral particles we could carry on our shoes, purses, wallets, keys, and all objects of constant use into your house. Therefore, getting professional sanitizing and disinfecting services can help you repel the virus away from your home and your loved ones.

COVID-19 Disinfection In Michigan 

At USA BIO Care, we offer COVID-19 disinfection services for households. We have years of experience dealing with hazardous contaminants in all kinds of entities, from homes to hospitals (and overall medical facilities), commercial buildings, malls, and many others. Our specialty is to eliminate contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, germs, biohazardous wastes, sharps, and all kinds of pollutants that mean a risk to our health.



Our team is able to respond quickly to crime scenes and medical emergencies, providing prompt and professional decontamination and disinfection.


Our team of Hoarding experts literally have thousands of hours of experience helping people get their home and life back. We are a discreet, professional and compassionate.


Floors, Walls, and Air Ducts…our team is trained and ready to help your home or office look and smell its best.


USA Bio Care is committed to supporting our veterans and active military. We partner with the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency to provide employment opportunities for our veterans and active military when they arrive home. We’re also involved in the Robert J Turner Foundation by donating to provide for the families of officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Our goal is to provide support and stability for those who have sacrificed so much for our country and our community.

Customer Reviews

Read what our customers are saying about working with us!
December 29, 2021.
Steve and his crew did an excellent job of a difficult clean up situation. From the first phone call, our family was treated with dignity and respect. Steve answered our questions honestly and openly and kept us in the loop every step of the way. These are the people you need when you have a difficult situation!
Janaia Malkowski
Janaia Malkowski
October 20, 2021.
Amazing Customer Service. The owner Steve and his crew are caring, respectful and very efficient. I highly recommend USA BIOCARE!
Casey Lester
Casey Lester
May 27, 2021.
Steve and his team are great guys and did an excellent job on our project. Very responsive and went above and beyond to acommodate our family. The entire process was explained fully and the pricing was extremely fair for the services provided.
Sheila Focht
Sheila Focht
March 16, 2020.
Stiles Chiropractic would like to thank Steve and USA BioCare for coming to treat our office during this critical pandemic. We are confident that our office is cleaner and safer for our patients now. Will be recommending to everyone we know that could use this service. - Paul Stiles
Wolfgang Goerlich
Wolfgang Goerlich
February 20, 2020.
Excellent work, thoughtful support, US Bio Care made a very difficult time in our lives easier.
Jamie Champagne
Jamie Champagne
February 17, 2020.
My company used USA Bio Care for an emergency cleanup at one of my work locations. Steve understood the urgency and necessity of our case and his team came out the same day, after hours to clean. Steve and his team through the whole process were courteous, communicated well and did a fantastic job. I highly recommend this company.
Sue Pearson
Sue Pearson
September 24, 2019.
I highly recommend this company. Steve was a pleasure to work with. He explained everything they were going to do and when he and his crew came out the were quick and efficient. Thanks so much for a job well done!!!
Mary Durkin
Mary Durkin
August 21, 2019.
Steve was helpful, even though they did not service our area in Indian River, MI he provided and contact in Traverse City, MI an estimated amount for charge and timing. With that information we know know if the supplier is ripping us off when we work with them in Northern Michigan.
Chris Paslawski
Chris Paslawski
July 10, 2019.
Steve and his crew went above and beyond for this one. They were so professional and courteous regarding a family member's extreme hoarding situation. Even though it was an embarrassing situation, they made me feel comfortable and confident that they would get the job done and they did! They did an amazing job! The house was in great condition when they finished. Would highly recommend this company. Very experienced, trustworthy and reliable.