What Are The Benefits Of Safe Sharps Disposal?

June 15, 2022

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Sharp objects such as syringes, needles, or any other tools with sharp points or edges must be handled carefully, especially if being used at medical centers. People accidentally punctured or hurt by sharps can get infected with contagious diseases such as hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, and any other viruses and bacteria transmitted through blood or bodily fluids. Thus, proper sharps management, pickup, and disposal are crucial.

Advantages Of Sharps Disposal Services For Medical Centers 

Medical centers typically operate 24/7, and daily appointments, emergencies, laboratory testing, and inpatients checkups are happening simultaneously. In such a hectic environment, sharps disposal can be overlooked.

Even if your medical center has its janitorial staff, this task isn’t for them to perform. This is the part where it’s essential to ask what advantages you get by hiring sharps disposal services.

Proper Management

Handling sharps is not just putting needles, syringes, lancets, auto-injectors, infusion sets, and others, in a plastic bag and throwing them away in a bin. Sharp management service providers make sure to adequately handle, contain, pick up, and treat sharps following local, state, and federal regulations.

Avoid Risking Your Personnel 

All medical centers have to worry about is having a sharps bin to dispose of sharps immediately after their use. When professionals handle these infected elements, none of the medical staff, patients, or other employees have to be exposed, reducing their chance of getting accidentally punctured or hurt.

One Less Operational Chore And Cost

Hiring special sharps disposal services takes a burden off medical facilities’ shoulders. The medical center must have a certified staff and follow strict protocols for safe sharps management. Hiring this service is cost-effective for hospitals, rather than hiring personnel to handle such an essential duty.

Sharp Disposal Services In Michigan 

At USA Bio Care, we offer professional sharp disposal services all over Michigan state. We have trained and certified staff that follow strict OSHA guidelines during every sharps management procedure. We develop unique programs to match every healthcare facility’s needs. We serve from dental offices to veterinarian clinics, retail clinics, urgent care centers, and more.


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