Animal Feces & Urine Cleanup Service In Michigan

Routine cleanup at animal shelters, pet stores, petting farms, and certainly zoos is a task that must be performed almost every day. But from time to time, an in-depth, professional cleanup should be done as well.

Animal feces and urine are tough to eliminate even with a constant routine cleanup since only the visible matter is eliminated.

At USA Bio Care, we offer in-depth animal feces and urine cleanup services in Michigan. Our staff follows the appropriate guidelines and uses our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to ensure a thorough cleanup.


The Importance Of Hiring An In-Depth Professional Cleanup Service

Proper sanitation is crucial to keep animals and humans healthy. Neglected feces and urine can be a health risk for every living being exposed to it, since they carry living bacteria and parasites, and can quickly develop into infections and diseases.

An in-depth cleaning procedure follows a complete protocol, such as:

  • Developing a sanitation plan
  • Pointing out the areas that need to be cleaned
  • Wearing a special uniform
  • Application of in-depth cleaning methods
  • Overall sanitation of the area
  • Sanitation products
  • And more

During a regular cleanup routine, not all of these measures are taken. For this reason, having an in-depth disinfection and sanitation process is a perfect addition to your routine cleanups. Therefore, the intervention of professionals is needed.

USA Bio Care Cleanup Protocol

Our staff is well prepared to tackle the job since we’re trained and certified in the correct procedures. We follow OSHA’s strict guidelines to ensure the safety of our workers and clients. Our protocol involves:

  1. Approaching every project with a thorough evaluation of the space.
  2. Identifying and excavating affected nooks and corners with our state-of-the-art equipment.
  3. Following OSHA guidelines to eliminate all biohazardous matter: we remove, decontaminate, and disinfect each identified area.
  4. Neutralizing the odor to make the space habitable again.
  5. And finally, assessing the area once more to ensure it’s clean

You Can Count On Us

At USA Bio Care, we’re responsible and respectful while performing our duties. You can count on our professionalism from the moment you make contact with us. Our phone lines are available 24/7. We offer free quotes and competitive prices.

We’re locally owned and operate in Michigan. Our preparation and staff certification will give you peace of mind, meaning you can trust our services. We’re OSHA, EPA and HAZMAT Certified, plus experienced with federal, state, county, and local law enforcement.


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